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Attempted Murder – Original Fine Art


“This drawing was created out of a desire to capture the inquisitive and mischievous nature of crows, as well as their comradery, cooperation and dependence on one another to survive but also to play. These birds are a superb example of the intelligence and intuition that exists in nature but is often overlooked or misunderstood by humans. I chose the name Attempted Murder because I thought wordplay was fitting, especially for creatures that have a macabre reputation in literature and media, but in reality are pranksters, rascals, small time thieves and are generally known to cause mayhem and mischief simply for the fun of it. ” – Kaitlin Bauer, Artist
16 1/2 x 29 1/2 inches
Framed work
22 1/4 x 35 1/4 inches
Medium is graphite pencil, charcoal, and inking pens on paper.
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Attempted Murder - Original Fine Art

"I’m a maritime based artist and illustrator working in Nova Scotia. After falling in love with the east coast during my first visit in 2010."

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