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Belt Latch – Leather Keychain


The Belt Latch leather keychain offers a sturdy snap hook with a strap that fits perfectly around most standard belts and straps. This rugged leather keychain can be used to attach all manner of gear. Great for keeping your keys nearby during the day, or a water bottle close at hand on a hike.

The easy on and off belt loop takes this from a simple leather keychain to a convenient accessory hook where you need it most.

  • Handmade in New Brunswick
  • Full Grain USA Tanned Leather
  • Nickel Free Hardware


Measures 5 inches in total length.

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Belt Latch - Leather Keychain

Hammerthreads is a small artisan studio crafting handmade leather and quality canvas goods. Every piece is made start to finish by their two person team on the Atlantic Coast of Canada.

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