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Bluenoser’s Book of Slang


Nova Scotia is blessed with a rich language. It is literally littered with words and expressions that vary from county to county, and town to town. From a dog’s breakfast, to blowin’ a gale, bed lunch, giv’er, fill yer boots, dough funkers, back-ass-wards and right some good, Nova Scotia Slang will introduce you to a whole new language.

Bluenoser's Book of Slang

You know you speak Nova Scotian when…
– You’ve just made a hodgepodge.
– You caught your toe on the carpet and went arse over kettle.
– You know you’ve got a right nice car.
– Your mother is a bag of nerves after that near miss on the highway this morning.
– You invite your friends to come on over to the beach on Saturday night for a feed of lobster.
– You describe that really bad smell in your basement as being fowsty.
– Your kid is acting like a fart in a mitten.
– Someone calls you a hard-looking ticket and you know exactly what they’re talking about.
– You are experiencing a severe case of the flying axe handles this morning.
– You ask your visitors, “Jeet yet?”