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Lime Green Sea Glass Earrings


Lime green sea glass is commonly found today since many green glass bottles are still in circulation. The darker green and patterned green glass is a hint of it being an older find!

When the light shines through the back of the earrings the colour becomes brighter!

Set in fine silver with sterling silver fittings.

The sea glass earrings approximately measure (including the silver setting) 1.0 cm x 0.8 cm x 0.4cm. All sea glass earrings are unique in their own shape and size, so your earrings may not look exactly like these ones featured here but they will be one of a kind!

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Lime Green Sea Glass Earrings

"It all began when I spent my summers swimming, surfing and exploring my Nova Scotia beaches and learning to make jewellery from my great aunt Jean when she would come to visits from New York. " Bridget Turner