Medium Growth Ring Clock


Made from ebonized and distressed white oak and inlaid with an oak ring section from the Seven Mile Lake forest fire (2016). The fire, near Kejimkujik National Park, was 16 kilometres from David’s home.

Dimensions: 35.5cm (tall) x 15.25cm (wide)

Medium growth ring clock by David Stepan.

The movement is a continuous sweep type, meaning that you will not experience ticking noises. Adjust the time by rotating the dial on the back of the clock movement (pictures below). Please note that the AA battery is not included due to shipping regulations - the manufacturer of the clock movement mechanism recommends Energizer or Duracell alkaline batteries.

The clock can be hung on the wall using a flat-headed screw. Allow the head of the screw to project about 3/8" (10mm); it will hook firmly into the top of the hole on the back of the clock.

A leg has also been included with the clock to allow it to rest on a surface instead of hanging on a wall. Simply push and twist the included hardwood dowel into the hole at the bottom back of the clock.

Additional information

Weight 1.15 kg
Dimensions 51 × 37 × 9 cm