32” x 25”

This piece from Huguette’s Paper Nest Series is in the format of a metal print. The original work, composed with charcoal on paper, is part of the artist’s permanent collection.

The metal print format has strong advantages over traditional giclée paper prints. Metal prints are created using a special, heat facilitated dye sublimation process that infuses an image directly into – not on top of – a specially coated, precision cut, high quality aluminum panel. This results in a presentation that is:

– Exceptional in depth, clarity and vibrancy
– Ultra durable, scratch resistant and light in weight
– Light stable up to 100 years
– Water resistant and cleanable with a water-dampened microfiber cloth
– Able to hang in any room without concern for warpage, light or water damage
– Ready to hang without need for glass, matting, additional wire or frame

- Paper Nest Drawings -

“These images are printed from a series of twelve original drawings, in charcoal and soft pastel, on the subject of paper wasp nests. For most, these nests are the semi-mysterious domain of a group of familiar but deeply feared, and often unjustly maligned, insects. For me, they represent small-scale parallel universes, of ingenious survival craft and under-appreciated elegance, each generated and sustained by a primary queen and her diversified progeny.

My hope is that viewers will allow their imaginations to “take wing” and safely experience their own personal connections, or perhaps arrive at new appreciations, while viewing works based upon the habitats of these remarkable creatures who are, in fact, “beneficial and critically important in natural biocontrol.”

- Huguette Despault May