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Mini Bubble Tumbler


Inspired by blowing bubbles, the Bubble Series evokes the nostalgic memories of those lazy, carefree summer days as a child.  The excitement that comes from blowing the biggest bubble ever. The intrigue of watching clusters form, making different shapes and patterns. And the joy of blowing as many bubbles as possible, running after them, enveloping yourself in a dream world.

All bubbles are individually thrown and trimmed on the potter’s wheel producing various shapes and sizes to obtain the feeling and uniqueness of each bubble. Layers of pastel colour glazes are dipped, mixed, and overlapped for colour variety and textures.

Please email for colours available. Height approx. 4cm, diameter 6.25cm.

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Mini Bubble Tumbler

100% handmade in Alexis’ home studio, from throwing and altering the forms to developing and mixing her signature glazes and colours. Using both, a shiny transparent and an opaque satin glaze as a base, she uses her strong sense of colour to select from 10 or more different pigments. Then, by skillfully layering colours, she develops a seemingly endless coalescence of colours. The result is a harmonious, texture-like effect on the surface.  Each piece is original in and of itself but a part of a cohesive style. Mix-and-match to create your own individualized collection.