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Tri-Colour Felted Wool Dryer Balls – Regular


Set of 3: White, light grey and dark grey

• 100% natural fibre (wool)
• Eco-friendly & sustainable product made by Fair trade artisans in Nepal
• Reduces dryer time by up to 50% (because air circulates through the fabric more efficiently)
• Reduces wrinkles and softens clothing
• Help to eliminate static – especially with non-synthetic fibres
• Fragrance free; safe for people with sensitive skin
• Option to add essential oils for scent
• Effective for up to 1000 dryer loads

Tri-Colour Felted Wool Dryer Balls - Regular

Because fair trade products are made by organisations that provide skills training and mentorship for artisans, appropriate compensation and time to work more carefully, and the ongoing design and production support to get it right, the quality of the resulting products is entirely different than most mass and conventionally produced goods.